When Marketing Results Matter… 

Get Your List Building and Marketing Engine Built To Convert

Full Automation Done For You!

Just 3 steps

1. Automate Your Communication

2. Create a Sales Selling Cyclone

3. Deliver and Nurture For More Sales

PROBLEM: You are Just Hoping You Get Prospects & Patients
or You are Frustrated Because What You are Doing isn’t
Working and it’s Costing You Time AND Money.


Of prospects never get followed up more than twice

The result


Lost income


Increase in competition


Increase in staff costs and overhead


Result: Without THIS Follow-Up Engine…


Of prospects will go to your competition because you didn’t follow up enough

The result


High cost of conversion


Low return on marketing investment


Poor online positioning


With QuantumLeap Followup you have the power to communicate personally and often - all AUTOMATICALLY.


of your time is now spent on delivery and lead generation versus follow-up

The result


More Customers


More Income


Less Cost

= Higher ROI

"You can increase your income by 16x with an effective communication and conversion system that does the hard work for you."


of your customers want you to stay in touch and build a relationship

The result


More Referrals


More Loyalty


More Purchases


How We Catapult Your Success and Keep it Going

Step 1:

Leverage the engine that automatically educates, enlightens and nurtures a prospect until they are ready to buy

Step 2:

Move them into the sell cycle which takes multi-channels and promotes your various programs to accelerate that process so when they do contact you it’s about the buying process

Step 3:

Non Buyer – anyone who is not ready to to buy – loops back to #1 and continues to the next level of educate, enlighten and nurture cycle until ready

Buyer – anyone who purchases moves into the delivery and satisfaction cycle and when completed moves into the nurture and next purchase/upsell communication cycle.  


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