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Just a Few People I Have Helped…

Got 30 speaking gigs within 6 weeks of launching website…

Tracy Repchuk is a miraculous mentor. I have been lucky enough to have her on my team for only a short while, and already she has helped me make several of my dreams come true; I’m a best-selling author, I’m featured in an upcoming documentary about a topic near and dear to my heart, and I have a full slate of speaking engagements booked all thru the new year. Amazing!Her level of care and personal involvement is really extraordinary, and her graciousness and kindness to everyone she mentors is legendary.I’m very grateful to her for helping me get a rapid foothold in a complex world that I’m quite sure would have taken me years to achieve on my own.”
Jim Meskimen, Actor, Comedian, Speaker, Author

Made double back the investment in just 21 days after signing up for Platinum

Tracy Repchuk helped me to redo my brand, build my landing page and marketing funnel, create a brand new program for my target market, help me create a presentation which I used to sell from the stage for my first time ever and created a back of the room rush where I sold over 65 units, which had me double back my investment I had just made with her 3 weeks ago – and we haven’t barely begun our year together. She is like my fairy godmother, and if you have a chance to work with her, take it. It’s worth every penny.”
Chelsea Krost, Millennial Spokesperson, Media Personality

Got my Oprah moment and the website wasn’t even done yet

Tracy got me to #1 International Bestselling Author …

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